I've been an actor since I could make enough noise to tell a story. In fact, I debuted my first comedy routine at just a year old, which featured a sock stuffed full of spaghetti.

After completing my performance degree in my beloved city of Boston this past winter, I was invited to Barcelona, Spain to study a contemporary approach to acting with the Margolis Method Actors Studio. I came back to the US this spring fresh and full of perspective, and started working on a wave of new projects at the top of the season. And well, I think we all know what happened next to the industry.

Ever since my first joke, my professional acting career has yielded so much laughter, a few tears, and sometimes even a bit of spaghetti. I’m grateful to have developed as quickly and dynamically as our industry has this year. If your project needs someone intuitive, collaborative, and ferociously upbeat, please follow the link below to contact my representation at the Andrew Wilson Agency. 

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